BADBADNOTGOOD + Ghostface Killah - “Gunshowers” feat. Elzhi

Toronto jazz/hip-hop band BADBADNOTGOOD and Staten Island rap champ Ghostface Killah and have completed a full collaborative album together. Entitled Sour Soul, the record will be released [add release date] on Lex Records. Hear lead track, Gunshowers featuring Elzhi (formerly of Slum Village), here: [add SC and/or YT link]

Sour Soul is inspired by 1960s and 70s music - taking inspiration from the recording techniques and production of that era, and eschewing sampling in favour of live instrumentation, BBNG with producer Frank Dukes have created a dramatic, cinematic musical staging for Ghostface’s vivid storytelling.



Here is our new song, ‘Talk To Me’. It will be released on a 7” entitled What Eternity, released by Tough Love on 1st December. The 7” will also feature another song, but that’s for a different day.

You can order the blue vinyl pressing of the 7” here.

Recorded by Shuta Shinoda
Produced by Dreamtrak
Mixed by Dan Rejmer
Mastered by Stephen Quinn
Artwork by Rob Peart

Cymbals - “Talk to Me”