April Fools pranks by old dudes in the music biz

All these lame ass April Fools dad jokes are proof that the music biz needs some young blood execs. Quick!

I thought I would load Spotify and get Rick Rolled by that Gotye song or something. Or maybe Billy Joel would put out a remix of “Birthday Song.” Gov Ball announces that GNR headlining was the longest April Fools ever? OutKast post that they got an album and are back together?!!

Instead, we get these. I’m ashamed:

Lefsetz - “Starting May 1st, all Warner albums will be funded by Kickstarter.

Digital Music News - “Google Acquiring Spotify In $4.2 Billion Deal" I actually read this one. It’s not as bad as the others

Sony - “Big announcement + cats = we are really in touch with today’s internet!! The kids will love this one, especially those EDM fans!!!!

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    seriously. weak shit from the digital old guard.
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